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Logical Environmental Concern...
Logical Environmental Concern of an American Driver
Phillip MacArthur
I got my gas tank full.
As I pull out of the lot
I feel the extra weight
Of the precious nourishment
Pressing my car down close
To the road.
Now all the scientists say:
Stupid selfish people put
Pollution in the air
So everyone beware.
And: be sure to feel guilt
When a tilt in the priceless
Balance of the Earth drags
Mountains of ice to their knees
And poisonous fumes bring
On the heat.
But if I don’t take this fuel,
Some other loser will, he’ll
Gas-up a lawn mower,
Or a damn leaf blower.
Never mind the gasses
Of the masses: since what’s done
Is done, what’s drilled is drilled.
I don’t feel responsible—
‘Cause I can’t put it back
In the ground.
So I roll down my windows,
Boost the bass. ‘Cause I don’t care;
Using fossils for gas
Is recycling, dumbass.
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The Telephone's Lament
The Telephone’s Lament
Phillip MacArthur
  Rachel had me installed in the winter, not long after she moved to this flat so old, cold, and cracked, struggling desperately to keep up with the rest of the world.
  My job was simple: shout to her when someone signaled me, and relay the messages on to her. I had done this all before when I lived with an old woman in a wheelchair, with nothing to do but talk through me to her children, her grandchildren, her sister, her hairdresser, and her plumber about how lonely she was.
  I was confident in my experience, but Rachel was a different client altogether. Far from talking of loneliness and solitude, she always spoke so sweetly in tones best befitting what she was: a girl in love.
  His name was Gary.
  Every Friday night, starting at 7:20 pm, Rachel would sit next to me, expectant, with sweat dropping like tears from her body. She’d stare at me with her blue eyes. Those limpid pools, so deep, could
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Mature content
The Monster-queen :iconguildmasterphill:GuildmasterPhill 2 4
I Wrote a Poem about It
I Wrote a Poem about It
Phillip MacArthur
I just couldn’t think of what to write,
So I wrote a poem about it.
It’s not an epic song of strife,
With warriors lost on windless seas,
Sworn by the sword but bound to betrayal,
Painting the enemy’s flag red with the enemy’s blood,
Fraught with fright at every turn,
Challenged by god, by nature, by human,
Laying it all on the line,
For the sake of the fairest in the land,
Returning to the familiar place,
Which for twenty years was not home,
Only to eventually die there,
Instead of with their brother soldiers.
It’s not a gripping work of romance,
With true love overcoming some evil,
And the young virgin running from rich man,
But giving herself to the poor man,
After which they become one flesh,
Described extensively and sensually,
Held high as an elevating experience,
With the bride bearing a baby boy,
But becoming slowly sucked dry of love,
Going missing mirthfully at midnight,
Winding up willingly away w
:iconguildmasterphill:GuildmasterPhill 2 13
A Rare Interview
A Rare Interview
Phillip MacArthur
“For the most part of my life, I have been a rather unfortunate man.”
And why would you say that? From what you know I know, you seem to have lived a very full and interesting life!
“Interesting, yes. Full, maybe. But you are failing to see this from my point of view.”
How do you mean?
“I will put it this way: have you ever disassembled a gun?”
Well, I removed a jammed bullet once...
“Who hasn’t done that? But it is not what I asked. I want to know if you have removed each individual part from all the others.”
No. I can’t say that I have.
“So then it is safe for me to say then that you have not disassembled a tank.”
...Very safe to say that, yes.
“So then it is safe for me to say that you have not had to disassemble a tank that is regularly firing at you from over a kilometer away, meaning you have to run directly into line of fire,
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The time are changin'

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2017, 12:13 PM

 photo Animation1.gif


As you may have noticed, there are finally some changes going on in my deviantart gallery, besides just me having a subscription now. ....Which I guess they are calling "core" now? This site has changed so much.... But, it's time for me to change too!

The official Adventurers' Guild website will be coming soon, as far as I can tell. It will be where the comic's content, in its new revamped style, will be archived. As such, I have put the older, hand-drawn comic, previous featured on deviantart, in storage for the time being.

Look forward to upcoming promotional art! As the website itself draws nearer, I'll be hyping stuff up with more art here.
You can also follow me on twitter here: for more updates as well. (Dedicated As'G Facebook account coming soon.)

Spread the word. We're going on an adventure.

  • Listening to: Blue October
  • Watching: Minecraft Hardcore season 5
  • Playing: Mario 3D World
  • Eating: Wich of Sand
  • Drinking: Lemonade

Situation: There's a dead body. What's the FIRST impulse thing you think to do? :skullbones: 

3 deviants said Call the authorities; police/ambulance, etc.
2 deviants said Check for a pulse.
No deviants said Move quickly along pretending I saw nothing.
No deviants said Cover it up really good.
No deviants said Take it with me to dump in the river, incinirator, whatever.
No deviants said Check for a wallet.
No deviants said Notify the next-of-kin.
No deviants said Sit next to him and contemplate my OWN mortality for a good long while.
No deviants said Perform an unholy ritual of re-animation.
No deviants said "Looks like meat's back on the menu!"


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Phillip MacArthur
United States
When I was a boy, I grew up to become who I am today. That should tell you everything you need to know.
Back then, my biggest concern was amassing vast amounts of RPG wealth and EXP. How is that value different from the value placed on US dollars that I am, as an adult, expected to be amassing now?


But wait... if the option to give a horse a "French Braid" exists, does that mean that France itself exists?!
What with this, facebook, and twitter, I must differentiate them somehow.... this will be the vague, fragmented thought that you probably won't get the reference of!
What if "Hello Neighbor"'s story arc IS the journey through all the alpha builds?!
As if things weren't tragic enough already, ya gotta go and edit in tense music from the Zero Escape series?!


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